New Capt’n Boat service: a tool to automate seamen’s requests

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New Capt’n Boat service: a tool to automate seamen’s requests

With a simple click, customers can find a professional seaman with their boat booking, thanks to the new Capt’n Boat tool developed for boat rental agencies.

Through the development of an external API to be integrated on the website of its partners, Capt’n Boat accelerates and automates the research and hiring of professional sailors.
This solution fits perfectly in the context of a constant increase in the demand for crew.

Professional seamen accessible in a single click with the new Capt’n Boat booking tool

Capt’n Boat’s first objective is to facilitate the recruitment of professional sailors for yachtsmen via its marketplace. Following this objective, the partners of Capt’n Boat and their clients now have simplified access to the more than 2,500 Capt’n Boat professional sailors spread over some forty countries.



By integrating the API on their website, rental and boat agencies make exchanges with Capt’n Boat fluid and automatic.

The final customer can then manage his request himself or delegate it to the Capt’n Boat Concierge service.

In addition, clients can specify criteria to qualify their request for a sailor:

This new tool is a real added value for boat rental companies who can now offer a complete solution to their customers. With this solution, they can delegate the requests for sailors to Capt’n Boat.

By booking a boat with a Capt’n Boat crew, the final client is guaranteed to use qualified and insured seamen, in compliance with the regulations applicable.

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« The high demand for skippers and steward.esses this summer confirms the need for automation and simplification of the latter. The Capt’n Boat API is there to meet this need and facilitate the process for both professionals and end customers. »
emeric fondateur captnboat
Emeric Leveau-Vallier
CEO of Capt'n Boat


A tool to meet the growing demand of professional sailors

This solution is a significant time saver for both yachting professionals and end customers, in a sector where the demand for sailors is constantly increasing. The feedback from the partner boat rental agencies attests to this:

« The demand for professional crews has increased by a factor of 1.6 over the summer of 2022 compared to the summer of 2021; both on monohulls and multihulls from 38 to 56 feet. »
Philisa Apaca
Agence de location de bateaux
« Since the health crisis, we have seen a real increase in professonally crewed charters. This year, skippered yacht charters are up to 15% and up to 45% on our catamarans. »
Agence de location de bateaux

This is confirmed by GlobeSailor:   :

globesailor partenaire de captnboat


« We are experiencing a +15% increase in skippered charters compared to 2021. »

Click and Boat also agrees with this trend:

« Skippers are present in 50% of monohull charters and in over 80% of catamaran bookings. Our partners need competent skippers more than ever to ensure a quality service to our clients. »

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