Hire a Skipper Easily on Capt’n Boat – User’s Guide

Embauchez un skipper facilement sur captnboat

Hire a Skipper Easily on Capt’n Boat – User’s Guide

Thanks to Capt’n Boat, it’s never been easier to hire a skipper!

With the development and democratization of yachting, the demand for skippers, and more generally for professional sailors, is constantly increasing.

However, the complexity of the regulations and the lack of a marketplace made it difficult to find and hire qualified skippers, hostesses and deckhands. That’s why Capt’n Boat was born, to provide a simple and accessible regulatory solution.

🎯 Its goal? To simplify access for boat owners, renters and charter companies to professional yachting sailors.

In this user’s guide, you’ll discover how easy it is to hire a crew member on Capt’n Boat. We’ll explain everything!

Capt'n Boat, the platform for hiring qualified skippers

Capt’n Boat is a certified seaman placement platform.

Via its digital platform, Capt’n Boat enables you to find the most suitable professional crew member from a wide range of professional sailors, not only from a regulatory point of view, but also according to various criteria such as: language(s) spoken, local sailor, pedagogue, comfortable with children…

Capt’n Boat is aimed at anyone looking for a professional crew, whether they are private boat owners, charterers, boat builders or boat dealers.

Capt'n Boat it's:

marketplace pour l'emploi maritime

A regulated marketplace between professional sailors and both private clients (owners, renters) and professional (charterers, builders).

conseiller dedie captnboat

A dedicated Capt’n Boat expert to guide you in your cruising, coaching, convoying and support needs.

marins qualifies et diplomes capptnboat pictogramme

The assurance of being in compliance with the law with our sailors, all of whom hold the diplomas and training required to comply with current regulations.

responsabilite civile pro skipper et contrat

A regulatory framework: Capt’n Boat edits the contracts and provides a professional Civil Liability for all the platform’s skippers + a multi-risk & damage policy for delivery missions.

paiement sécurisé

Secure payment: Pay securely into a trusted third-party account. The money will be paid back to the sailor once the service has been completed.

inscription gratuite captn boat

Registration and ad posting are 100% free. We only charge a commission if you find the right sailor! The commission includes insurance and service fees.

Quick guide to find a professional skipper on Capt'n Boat

Here’s the step-by-step guide to post an ad and hire a Capt’n Boat sailor! 👇

1. Register with Capt'n Boat

First of all, you need to create a customer account on Capt’n Boat (it’s free! 😉 ).

In order to offer you support tailored to your requirement, you’ll need to specify your profile type: private owner, charterer, renter, broker…

Remember to fill in all your details correctly: phone number, e-mail address, date of birth… This information will then be used for contracts and billing.

⚠️ Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number.

2. Add a boat

Once your profile has been created, you can post your ad. The first step is to add the boat on which the mission will take place.

Then enter the name of your boat and select the model from the drop-down list (if the model is not in the database, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can add it:

Specify the flag (nationality) of the boat and add a photo.

3. Detail your ad

To publish your sailor ad, select the boat you want from the list.

Then indicate the type of service you require:

Enter departure and arrival dates and ports. We indicate the duration of navigation in days for cruises, coaching and support, and in nautical miles for convoys.

If you are looking for a sailor to sell a service to a customer, please answer YES. This will enable us to generate a payment link and send it to the final customer.

Fill in all the requested fields so that we can refine your sailor research as much as possible.

4. Specify the type of sailor you are looking for and the remuneration

Indicate the profile you are looking for: skipper, cook, hostess, first mate… If you’re looking for more than one crew member, you can add a role on board later.

Capt’n Boat gives you a global amount for your research. This amount is a suggestion based on market standards; you can modify it upwards or downwards.

You can then preview the details of the transaction amount. The “Sailor’s remuneration” line shows the amount the sailor will receive if he is self-employed and invoices you directly. The “net remuneration before tax” line shows you the remuneration the sailor will receive if he decides to join a Maritime Employment Company.

What’s more, for long-term assignments, you can choose to pay the seaman every month, or to pay the entire amount directly.

5. Describe your need

In this field, you are invited to specify as much as possible your requirements: what you expect from the sailor, the desired sailing itinerary, useful information such as the number of children on board, special equipment, specific criteria…

Then select the desired languages spoken and the type of contract: either you are invoiced by the independent sailor, or you hire him/her with your company.

Indicate the type of sleeping accommodation provided for the sailor, and if travel expenses are covered or not.

Now that all the information has been completed, you can publish your ad!

6. Consider sailor applications

As soon as your advert is published, all eligible sailors will be notified, and those interested can contact you via the internal messaging system and apply directly to your advert.

All you have to do is choose the skipper, hostess, deckhand or cook who suits you best!

7. Sailor validation and payment

You’ve found the right sailor! Now you need to validate his application by signing the contract and paying for the service.

Once the 2 parts (you and the sailor) have validated the terms of the mission, Capt’n Boat edits a service contract for signature.

To validate the contract, you must proceed with payment of the sailor’s services. Payment can be made by direct debit or credit card (except American Express).

The sailor’s remuneration will then be blocked in a secure escrow account until the mission is completed. Once the mission is completed, Capt’n Boat will pay the sailor’s wages.

Want to be accompanied?

Our Capt’n Boat experts are here to advise and support you in your research.

Delegating your sailor research to us means :

🤝 Regular follow-up by a dedicated advisor

⚓ Receive filtered sailor applications

⌛ Save time by entrusting your needs to our expertise

Book an appointment with a Capt’n Boat expert to delegate your search! 👇

Follow-up and completion of the mission

Your sailor is found, the contract signed and the salary paid: you will receive the sailor’s personal contact details so that you can contact him/her directly to finalize the last details.

The sailor’s contact details are available in your Capt’n Boat account in the conversation linked to the mission. You can also find them in the signed contract and in your e-mails.

Sailor's comments and rating

Once the mission has been completed, you are invited to leave a review of the sailor’s performance.

In particular, we ask you to evaluate the sailor on the following criteria:

These reviews will then be published on the sailor’s profile, making them visible to all users.

They can then be used to guide future shipowners in their choice of sailor.

Tips for hiring the right skipper fast

Here are a few tips to help you find your ideal sailor:

Our customers are our best ambassadors!

“Very satisfied with the services we received. We had a wonderful trip and will have unforgettable memories. We felt very safe with a very qualified captain and hostess. Thank you Capt’n Boat!”

Joe M.

“Excellent service / our skipper Frédéric was very competent, adapted to our needs when sailing along the Var. He performed his duties calmly – we hardly knew he was there. I highly recommend him!”

Sinead M.

“Capt’n Boat managed to find us atypical skippers who fit in perfectly with our Solar sailing business. They did the job perfectly. Well done and thank you.”

Guillaume J. L.

And now?

Go for it! Create an ad on Capt’n Boat and find the right sailor for you. 👇