New exclusive maritime employment solution for non independant seamen

nouvelle solution d'emploi maritime exclusive pour les marins non indépendants

New exclusive maritime employment solution for non independant seamen


Capt’n Boat works in partnership with Chess Maritime, a company specialising in the employment of seamen, to offer a new and exclusive maritime employment solution.

The goal? To allow seamen who don’t have independent status to be employed on all types of Capt’n Boat missions.


Thanks to this new exclusive partnership, Capt’n Boat allows you to recruit a skipper for any mission, in compliance with maritime, administrative and social regulations” Emeric Leveau – Vallier, CEO of Capt’n Boat.




Why offer a new maritime employment solution to seamen?

The options for a seaman to work legally on a private pleasure boat are, until now, quite limited.

In particular, they could:

  • Either have their own structure (self-employed seaman with a business role) to be able to invoice the client and ensure their own administrative procedures and activity declarations.
  • Or be hired directly by the maritime labour company of the shipowner client.


However, not all seamen want to be self employed and many clients (owners, renters or private hirers) do not necessarily have a company that allows them to hire seamen directly.

These solutions restrict hiring for owners/renters without a maritime labour company, who can only hire independent seamen. For seamen, this limits their employment opportunities.

To complete the market and facilitate the hiring of professional seamen, Capt’n Boat collaborates with Chess Maritime, and offers a solution reserved for seamen registered on the Capt’n Boat platform.


The Capt’n Boat maritime employment solution in partnership with Chess Maritime

Capt’n Boat therefore proposes a new maritime employment solution in partnership with Chess Maritime.

This solution revolutionises the professional yachting market by allowing all seamen without companies to be employed on Capt’n Boat missions, regardless of the type of mission or the duration (long or short missions).

The advantages of this maritime employment solution that make the difference

This new solution exclusively dedicated to Capt’n Boat seamen, allows clients looking for seamen:

  • Benefit from a much wider panel of qualified seamen and thus make a better choice in the selection of seamen,
  • To be free of all the administrative procedures inherent in crew recruitment, thanks to Chess Maritime as their agent.


And for non-independent Capt’n Boat sailors who choose to be employed via Chess Maritime:

  • To offer their services within a legal framework,
  • To increase their field of action by applying for any type of mission, whatever the duration.


New enrolment solution for non-self employed seamen


How does this maritime employment solution work?

When applying for a mission, seafarers registered on can now choose to carry out the mission via their company or via Chess Maritime. If they choose Chess Maritime, a maritime employment contract will be concluded between the seaman and the employer and a management contract will be established between Chess Maritime and the employer.

Chess Maritime then carries out all the legal administrative procedures:

  • Entry and exit formalities,
  • Charges,
  • Payment of salaries…


To take advantage of this solution, sign in for free on Capt’n Boat!


How much does it cost?

Of course this employment solution has a cost for the sailors. This cost varies from 34% to 41% (depending on the category of enrolment) of the rate charged to customers: owners, renters…

These costs cover Chess Maritime’s services, employee and employer contributions, charges…


About Chess Maritime :

Chess Maritime logo, your agent to help you in the hiring of crew / seamen

Chess Maritime assists shipowners in their crew employment procedures as an agent. Chess Maritime guarantees an efficient service for all your maritime employment contracts. As an agent, it carries out all administrative procedures in accordance with French and international labour legislation (Maritime Labour Convention 2006).


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