The 2022 review – Capt’n Boat validates +120% of missions with professional crew

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The 2022 review – Capt’n Boat validates +120% of missions with professional crew

2022 is closing a new year of activity for Capt’n Boat. A year which allowed to strengthen its market and cushion a serene growth with the help of strong partners.

Capt’n boat does the 2022 review, we tell you everything ! 👇

1. The Capt’n Boat 2022 review

2022 has been very encouraging for Capt’n Boat which has seen the new demand for professionl sailors more than double. This confirms the market trend for crewed yatch charters: charters represent 68% of the demand for Capt’n Boat sailors; followed by convoying and finally coaching.

2022 validated missions on captnboat
Distribution of requests for professional seamen by type of mission

Despite the tight market for crewed yatch charter, Capt’n Boat has increased the number of confirmed requests with a sailor on the platform by 120% compared to 2021; thanks to the +2500 registered profesionnal sailors (from 47 different nationalities).

94% of the final clients are satisfied with the sailor hired, according to the criteria of professionalism, discretion, communication… The Capt’n Boat service has obtained an average recommendation of 9/10 of by the rental companies and partner boat rental agencies.

« We were looking for a competent and serious skipper to take our family out to sea but also to teach us the basics of sailing a yacht. Johan was the ideal skipper, a passionate person with whom we immediately felt safe. He knew how to adapt and organise the cruise we imagined. A pleasant person and very committed in every respect. A big thank you to all ! »
Audrey R.

2. Capt’n Boat 2022 demand trend

In 2022, the majority of demands for sailors were made under French, Croatian, Greek, Italian, German, English, American and Polish flags; allowing the greatest number of sailors to respond to missions according to their qualifications.

Geographically, 62.3% of the missions were carried out in France as follows : Cotes d’Azur 41.2%, Corsica 12.3% and Britanny/Normandy 8.8%; followed by the Caribbean (French West Indies, USVI, BVI), Greece, Craotia, Italy and Spain.

2022 validated missions repartition by country captnboat
Distribution of applications for professional seamen by geographical area

New destinations were also provided this year : Tunisia, the Philippines, French Polynesia and the Netherlands.

Even if the requests for sailors / captains are the most numerous, those for host.esses / cooks are in real growth compared to 2021 : they were multiplicated by 4.

More and more charter companies and agencies are approaching Capt’n Boat to get their NUP (Personal Use Vessel) rentals with crew requests in order, and to delegate the management and hiring of the crew. Capt’n Boat has now news parterns : Corsica Sailing, Maritima Sailing, A&C Yacht Charter, Punch Croisière, Autremer Concept, Sailing Sicily… allowing us to bring to offer sailors a more regular and varied flow of missions.

➡️ Discover our 2022 review infographic:

2022 infographic review captnboat
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3. Update on the direction of the professional yachting market

Many yacht charter agencies have noted an exponential increase in crewed yacht charters over the last two years : 50% on monohulls and 80% on catamarans at Click&Boat, 46% on catamarans at GlobeSailor, and Philisa Apaca has doubled its number of crewed charters.

« Skippers are present in 50% of monohull charters and in over 80% of catamaran bookings. Partners need competent skippers more than ever to ensure a quality service to our clients. »
logo cercle click and boat
Click & Boat

This can be explained by the democratisation of yachting due to the digitalisation of the nautical sector : more and more amateurs are taking the plunge and hiring a boat with a skipper.

More than a head of board, this new clientele is looking for a top-of-the-range crew that can handle all the functions inherent to its role, but also act as a tourist guide and entertainer.

This observation accentuates the need to have qualified and experienced sailors, who also meet the requirements of the clients: local sailor, pedagogue, comfortable with children… all criteria taken into account by Capt’n Boat to provide the right sailor.

equipage sur un voilier en mer

On the sailors’ side, the challenge is to have clearer and more precise missions on the shipowner’s expectations so that the seafarers can better understand the mission and choose those for which they feel most at ease.

The evolution of the sailor profession and the increase in demand require a real work of pedagogy and (re)valorisation as much with the sailors as with the shipowners (owners and renters of private and professional boats: shipyards, hirers…). 

Paying the sailors a fair price, defining the framework of the mission, clarifying the regulatory aspects… A real challenge for Capt’n Boat today!