Skipper Jobs: How to find Capt’n Boat missions easily

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Skipper Jobs: How to find Capt’n Boat missions easily

Being a professional skipper is a passionate profession that requires strict qualifications and training, as well as solid experience.

Between the complexity of the regulations, word of mouth (more or less effective and in compliance with the legislation), and the seasonality of the sector, it can be complicated to effectively find work as a skipper, hostess/cook or deckhand/second.

That’s why Capt’n Boat was created: to simplify, manage and automate your job search.

We explain how to find charter, delivery, coaching or support jobs on Capt’n Boat! 👇

Capt'n Boat, the platform for maritime employment

Capt’n Boat is a certified sailor placement platform.

Thanks to its 100% digital marketplace, Capt’n Boat allows you to find sailor jobs all around the world.

Capt’n Boat is aimed at qualified sailors, i.e. those who hold the relevant qualifications and training. Thanks to its regulatory algorithm, you can only apply for jobs for which you have the right qualifications.

Capt'n Boat it's:

marketplace pour l'emploi maritime

A regulated marketplace for professional sailors
and private or professional shipowners.

responsabilite civile pro skipper et contrat

A secure framework: Capt’n Boat issues contracts and provides Professional Civil Liability adapted to all the platform’s skippers + a multi-risk & damage policy for delivery missions.

solution de portage salarial maritime

A maritime employment solution: employment contract, payroll management,
contribtions and declarations, repatriation insurance and
health insurance. (Service available to French ENIM and non-European sailors).

paiement sécurisé

Secure payment: once the assignment has been completed, you receive your salary.
Thanks to our trusted third party, there is no risk of unpaid invoices.

inscription gratuite captn boat

Registration and use of the Capt’n Boat platform are totally
free for sailors!

Capt'n Boat's guide to successful job hunting

Here’s the step-by-step guide to learning how to use the Capt’n Boat platform, find assignments and get your sailing career off the ground!

1. Register with Capt'n Boat

The first step, as you’d expect, is to register with Capt’n Boat (it’s free! 😉 ).

You can now select the on-board roles that interest you, and for which you are qualified.

choice-roles on board-captnboat

⚠️ Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number.

2. Add your CV, professional qualifications and training

The first document to add is your CV. It must be anonymous, as it will be accessible to all users of the platform. If it is not, your document will be rejected.

Next, you need to fill in your various diplomas and documents.

To do this, type your document in the search bar and click on the result. You must also specify :

All documents submitted will be checked by our teams, and you will receive an e-mail notification to inform you whether your document has been rejected or validated.

➡️ To ensure that the diplomas you have uploaded are complete and effective, an insert displays the missing additional training courses that you need to add.
Exeample : GMDSS GOC / CGO, BST, ENG1…  

Depending on your qualifications and training, the algorithm will only suggest missions for which you are eligible, taking into account the restrictions and constraints of your qualifications, as well as your preferences and availability.

3. Indicate your preferences and availability

To target the missions of which you will be notified, you can indicate a number of preferences:


➡️ This targeting will ensure that you don’t get spammed with jobs that aren’t relevant to you, either in terms of the qualifications required or your criteria.

You can enter several choices to broaden your recruitment opportunities. These criteria can then be modified on your dashboard.

Once you have filled in this information, you have completed the first stages of your registration.

4. Boost your sailor profile

Now that your sailor profile has been created, you have every interest in adding information about yourself. This gives shipowners a clearer idea of your profile and enhances its value. A sailor with a well-informed profile is more likely to be hired.

For an attractive profile, we advise you to add a profile photo (a professional one that shows you clearly) and to complete the description by writing a short introduction to yourself.

In the “Personal information” tab, you can specify the languages you speak and your nationality.

To see how your profile will be displayed to users of the platform, simply click on “View my public profile”.


5. Complete your billing information

To ensure that you receive your salary on time at the end of each job, you need to add your bank details.

6. Apply for the jobs that interest you

You can use the job search page to consult all the jobs available on the platform.

On the “My opportunities” tab, you will only see missions that correspond to the titles, training and criteria you have previously entered.

When you click on an ad, you will see the following mandatory information:

In addition to this, shipowners can add information such as whether or not travel expenses will be covered, personal cabin, language preferences, number of passengers, etc.

If you are interested in the mission, you can contact the shipowner to discuss the details of the mission.

Or apply directly by clicking on the apply button. When you apply, you can negotiate your remuneration by proposing a new amount, ask for your travel and/or boarding expenses to be covered, and indicate whether you are applying as a freelancer (with your company) or as a contractor (with our Maritime Employment Company).

You will then be asked to sign the service contract, accept Capt’n Boat’s GTC and the skipper quality charter.

Congratulations! You’ve just applied for your first mission. 👏

⚠️ Once you have sent in your application, you commit yourself to the job for 48 hours, while the client validates your application and pays your remuneration.

If during this period you find another job, it is your responsibility to inform the shipowner and cancel your application. If the shipowner validates your application when you are no longer available and you have not informed the owner in time, Capt’n Boat will apply the cancellation conditions.


For a live demo, you can watch the replay of our webinar.


Tracking and carrying out your Capt'n Boat missions

Once the shipowner has approved your application, he will also have to sign the service contract and pay your remuneration, which will be blocked in a secure escrow account.

You will be informed by e-mail as soon as the shipowner has validated your mission and you will be able to consult the mission contract signed by the 2 parties.

1. Payment of your salary

Your application has been validated, and now it’s time to actually carry out the job. Once the assignment is complete, Capt’n Boat or the Maritime Employment Company will transfer your remuneration to your bank account.

Thanks to our remuneration system, we can guarantee your remuneration: no more unpaid invoices!

2. Shipowner's rating and feedback

Once the job has been completed, the shipowner who called on your services will make a note of your performance and leave a comment.

In particular, he evaluates :

These reviews will then be added to your profile, making them visible to all users. They help you to stand out from other sailors.


Tips for a Capt'n Boat profile that really stands out

To give yourself the best chance of signing assignments quickly, it’s important to apply the following advice:

What's next?

Take action! Complete your sailor profile and start your sailing career on Capt’n Boat. 👇