Capt’n Boat Insurance: Your guarantees for a peaceful sailing


Capt’n Boat Insurance: Your guarantees for a peaceful sailing

Whether you’re a skipper or a shipowner, activities linked to professional yachting involve risks, both material and human. That’s why getting the right insurance is essential.

Capt’n Boat has negotiated insurance contracts to cover the vast majority of claims that could arise in the course of a service provided by a sailor of the platform.

Here are our different insurance policies!

1. A contract to define the terms of the service

This serves as a reminder of the terms of the agreement reached beforehand. It proves the legality of the contract (by mentioning the sailor’s qualifications), defines the scope of the service and the responsibilities of both parties in the event of disputes or claims.

For each service contracted via the platform, Capt’n Boat issues a contract between the shipowner and the sailor chosen by the latter.


Systematic compliance with the regulations on Capt’n Boat allows us to provide insurance to cover all skippers’ services. This insurance protects the skipper in the event that his responsibility is involved in a claim, and covers the boat in the event of damage.

2. Insurance for Capt'n Boat professional skippers

Currently, it is difficult to find comprehensive liability insurance on the market that is tailored to the needs of skippers. Existing solutions require an annual commitment, offer limited cover and are expensive.

To provide the sailors on the Capt’n Boat platform with the right Civil Liability insurance, we have worked with AXA and Satec to develop the best insurance policy to meet the challenges of professional skippering.

- Professional Civil Liability


All skippers on the Capt’n Boat platform are covered by Professional Civil Liability and Legal Protection. Whatever their nationality.

Professional liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage in cases where the skipper is responsible. This insurance covers damage to the boat, engines and equipment, as well as damage caused to third parties.

This skipper insurance is provided for all the platform’s missions: convoying, chartering, coaching and support; maritime or river.

In the case of boat hire, cover is limited to the amount of the deposit for which the hirer is liable in the event of a claim.

Click here to see the content and maximum amount of cover per claim.


Cases in which professional liability is not provided include the following:

❌ Sailors who do not have the role of skipper: stewardess, deckhand, cook, etc.

❌ Skippers working in Canada and the United States

3. Insurance for shipowners using Capt'n Boat

To complete the Skipper’s Professional Civil Liability insurance, Capt’n Boat also provides multi-risk & damage cover for convoying missions.

We also offer an optional cancellation insurance policy for boat hire with a Capt’n Boat skipper.

- Multi-risk and damage insurance

Captn Boat’s comprehensive insurance covers damage to the boat, engines and equipment when the skipper is not liable (and therefore not covered by professional liability insurance). It only applies to boat delivery services.

This insurance covers up to €1 million. It includes a deductible of 10% of the amount of damage, with a minimum of €500 and a maximum of €2,500, paid by the shipowner.

This deductible covers :

✅ loss of enjoyment of the boat for private owners

✅ loss of exploitatoin for professionals.

It is the owner’s responsibility to take out this insurance in the event of damage.


4. How to benefit from Capt'n Boat insurance?

Professional skipper liability and comprehensive cover are systematically included in the contract, according to the aforementioned conditions. Skippers and shipowners do not need to make any request in order to benefit from this cover.

For this insurance to apply, the boats must be in perfect sailing condition, equipped with the current safety equipment and under the supervision of a professional Capt’n Boat skipper.

To activate them, it is up to the Sailor or the Shipowner to make a request to us with supporting evidence: logbook, photos, videos, testimony, weather conditions, etc.

The cost of this insurance is included in the commission that Capt’n Boat charges shipowners.

5. Optional insurance for boat renters with Capt'n Boat crew

To prevent unforeseen circumstances leading to the cancellation of a mission, Capt’n Boat offers cancellation insurance for boat hire and skipper bookings. This solution, in partnership with Ouest Assurance, also offers an franchise buy-back.

- Boat rental and sailor service cancellation insurance

This insurance contract reimburses you for the deposit paid for the boat hire and the skipper’s booking fee if you cancel your sailing for a reason covered by the contract.

This insurance covers the total amount: boat hire + skipper booking. This amount must be the one declared in the contract, on proof of all the invoices.

To take out this insurance, you must be a European resident and have hired a boat with a Capt’n Boat crew. You must take out cancellation insurance within 15 days of booking the boat.

To find out more about the conditions for taking out this insurance and its price, click here.


This insurance contract guarantees your cruise against epidemics such as Covid-19.


- Franchise buyback

When someone hires a ‘bareboat’ boat (see article: Hiring a boat with a skipper, how it works), i.e. without a crew provided by the charter company, the hirer becomes the shipowner. As the shipowner, he is responsible for the boat, even if he decides to hire a skipper to manoeuvre the boat.

Therefore, when you hire a boat, the charter company will ask you to pay a deposit to cover any damage to the boat. This deposit is generally equal to or greater than the amount of the franchise.

To reduce the shipowner’s risk in the event of a claim, you can also take out an excess buy-back with our partner Ouest Assurance Plaisance.

This franchise waiver means that all events at sea are compensated from the very first euro: impact, exceptional weather, fire, etc., which are not the skipper’s fault.

Example: The vessel skids at anchor, an accidental collision (for which the person responsible is unknown). A sail tears in a strong gale, the propeller gets caught in a rope or net, etc.


The insurance provided by Capt’n Boat is an essential guarantee of security for all those involved in professional yachting. Whether you are a skipper or a shipowner, Capt’n Boat offers you comprehensive protection thanks to specially negotiated contracts:

All you have to do is enjoy your boating experience, because the safety of your adventure is in good hands with Capt’n Boat.

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